How to Make iphone Screen Mirroring Full Screen with vertical TV?

Mirror iphone to tv full screen ??!!!

How to Mirror iPhone Portrait Mode to TV?

does it possible????

full tv screen vertical mode!  portrait mode!!

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FEBON smartphone vertical full screen mirroring to TV adapter !



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When using the APPLE lighting to AV adapter to connect to a TV,

TV will produce black bars on the top and bottom.

 iPhone cannot mirror full screen to the TV.

You need use "FEBON smartphone vertical full screen mirroring to TV adapter"

link of FEBON smartphone vertical full screen mirroring to TV adapter


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if video rotation is error, you can use hardware icon key to control mirror direction

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hardware key to control. to select what you want! 

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How to connection:


2. WIFI CONNECTION :  USE internal airpaly 

mirror ratio:
iphone screen ratios are divided into standard 16:9, 20:9 and 4:3, etc.
Different mobile phone ratios will result in different projections to the TV.

if you need let iphone mirror to tv be full screen , you need use 16:9 iphone
eg:  iPhone  SE 2 , iPhone SE ...